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Memory up! * Friday, August 11, 2006

I've finally tweaked my laptop, adding an extra 1 GB of memory. It totalled 1.2 GB on the system since I left the original 256mb on the board. No more of those irritating lags which got my head banging on the keyboard. Initially I've brought one piece of the 512 chipset along to Funan, but the store advises me to bring along my lappie so they could figure out the other hidden piece buried deep within. Isit just the manufacturer's policy to bury the other half of the ram so that the consumer will eventually get back to them for upgrades or service? I bet so, and I later found out that another ram chip was etched underneath this very keyboard - and what a hassle to take it out!

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Limited Parts Edition *

What better way to spend some time blogging with a bottle of Royal Kona and listening to my favo list of Youtube videos. Since I'm on two days medical leave, I feel like all the workload is far from my shoulder so that's a good sign As the days before me won't be pleasing either, I'd better get myself laid back even if it forces me to play my 360 naked...

Last few days I visited a particular store at Causeway Point. A friend of mine had told me that Chrome Hounds is on the shelves. I've been dying to get my hands on it, so I decided to drop by. To my dismay it was in Japanese, as the store guy acknowledged with a half a disappointment. In the end I got home feeling empty handed, and worst of all heartbroken.

A few days later I came across this shop selling Chrome Hounds with a note "Full English!" stuck on the front of the packaging. My mouth drooled, but just before I could lay my hands on it my eyes shot up to the upper shelf. There's this deliciously gorgeous tall box "Chrome Hounds: Limited Parts Edition"! Man I was like in a climax...

So I checked with the store guy and ask if it was in full english, and he said yes. I almost ejaculated. It would have been a total waste if I'd obeyed my impulse to fork out for the japanese version at Causeway Point, while I can get a Limited Parts Edition with Full english for the same price!!

Feverish * Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's National Day and I've been feverish , after a gruelling 2 days 16 hours workload back to back. I felt that my job is really getting myself messed-up.

Yet to get a new handphone, and I felt really lazy to drop by the service centre to re-activate my sim card. I'll probably settle for a N73 or N93. Feels like I'm at favour with video capabled handphones.

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Koper does the zoom
More pics to be uploaded!!

The outfield to Kuala Lumpur was a blast! Wished it could be longer, and now Am and myself have been talking about Kathmandu and New Zealand... well atleast all we can do for the time being is just plain planning.

Nevermind that I've lost my N70 in the train just before arriving at Johore KTM station, my brother just got me a Sony digital walkman. Atleast the bus rides wont bore me to death!

As an added note, I'm really losing touch with my Xbox... maybe this Sunday I'll make up to it!

Parkview * Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bronzed figures

I still got 2 two days before leaving for KL, and I've yet to prepare. That doesn't matter, because I'll be leaving home less and coming back with more if you know what I mean.

The recent outfield was allright. I've uploaded the pics to flickr after some post production, and check out my first cloning attempt on Dina. There's also a HDR, and I felt the output was like on some graphic novel. I think its really cool.

On medical leave today since I got some gum inflamation. Pretty horrible to be eating and talking alot, and I hope it'll be fine by the weekend.

I've been neglecting my xbox for some time now... guess it's time to pick up the gamepad.

Prey to sleep * Monday, July 24, 2006

After a hard day's work, I still can't get myself to sleep... atleast not after playing some Prey. All the portals and gravity walkways were enough to put me into a state of nausea with an added pinch of brain aches. Nevertheless I felt like Prey is the first of its kind as a Cherokee inspired spiritual shooter for the Xbox 360.

Another photo outfield later at noon, and this time Dina will be joining the bandwagon. Amsyari will be around too, and perhaps if snapping photos don't quite fill in the whole of Monday, there's always the cinema.

Juggle and gawk * Sunday, July 23, 2006

Right now I'm having poor time management. I'm juggling two games, mainly Enchanted Arms and the newly acquired Prey along with cumbersome work schedule and time wasting sleep. Apart from that there's the house chores, social networking, photo outfields, personal entertainment (television to be precise) and the ever important meal times. I guess this is life.

Amsyari just got himself a new 70-300 mm tele-macro lens. I gawked merely by reading his sms yesterday. Nevermind that, what's more important is that I need to get back to the store at Peninsula Plaza to exchange that step-up ring. Seems like 55 - 58 mm and 58 - 55 mm are two different dimensions. I mean, that's what I found out when I got home (slaps forehead).

Nature * Wednesday, July 19, 2006


New lens, new set of pictures! Now if only the macro lens could fit into my new Sigma 55 - 200mm...

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Slugs under my teeth *

So I got myself the game's first achievement which costs 50 G.

Playing Call of Duty 2 really immersed myself with the sweet sound of barrages from vintage mechanical firearms and cracking explosions. Initially I felt awkward after relentless nights of Battlefield 2, since COD2's weaponry technology is a farcry from Battlefield's. Nevertheless it never fail to put me in awe everytime I play it. For a moment there I felt like a twleve year old again.

Stream in tracks from Open Season by British Sea Power and I got slugs under my teeth.

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